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Event professionals are incredible people. We don't know of any other group that's so good at juggling so many things, working so hard, or being so gracious along the way. There is one thing, however, that event planners nearly universally suck at: relaxing.

At Swoogo, we decided it was time to develop a tool that would give back an essential element of relaxation. We set out to create software that was so easy to use, so painless, that it could actually result in the mythical beast we call "free time."

Now, we knew you guys wouldn't sleep easy until you had incredibly robust functionality, exceptional ease of use, and a show stopping user experience. So we put on our event planner hats, sussed out what the industry just wasn't getting from the larger players, worked day in and day out, and created the only tool that works as hard as you do and looks as good doing it. Welcome to Swoogo.

You'll be happy to hear our software is better looking than we are.

We're the first to admit we may not be the best looking team in events, but we're confident we're the best. With 40+ years of combined experience in event tech and a few successful software ventures under our belts, team Swoogo may be old players; but we're here to show you some new tricks.

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